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💢New Role, Who Dis?💢

Yes you've read it correctly, NEW ROLE!!

For any Actor growing or establishing in the industry a new role is full of high hopes. Monetary gain, new range of role playing, new fans, new EVERYTHING!!

Below is the picture of the woman I'll be portraying, her name is Martha Peterson.

This character is based in the 1860s and it was a bit hard playing it being owned by a "master" and really diving in to the era of her life. I want say to much until you watch, but its history so I can speak on and about her. Its a very interesting story and glad I was chosen out of the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands who sent in an audition. The entire production wads new and interesting, but either way I was HERE FOR IT.. literally!

This is will be a great staple for me in my acting career starting off my 2019 year and I'm excited you all are apart of this journey. Once it airs I'll show more of the #behindthescenes that I captured on this day. #StayTuned #LifeWithLee #LeePoitier #NewRoleBabyyy

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