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2019 TV Debuts

The date of the FBI show on CBS ad Travel Channel moved up sooner than expected. I got the email about how they had cut the scene and squeezed it in the last episode as apart of the season finale. If you watched it, it makes total season and was a powerful ending. As far the channel it was just an unexpected release.

Even though this isn't my first time on tv, it was my first time catching it live on air and not other people sending it to me by randomly catching me on a commercial or episode. As an actress you do so many different things, especially since I self manage, it can bit a BIT hard keeping up with EVERY little thing you've shot. Don't worry my mom is always on me about when, what, where, etc. So I'm getting better at keeping up with each role.

Here is some footage from both TV debuts:


Travel Channel:

It's already a hard reality to get jobs as a actress, without connections, so EVERY job you get should be a BIG deal even if other people might see it as a "small" part. FOR YOU, it should be a victory. As the word says:

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." -Luke 16:10

So STOP doubting where you are but TRUST where you are headed!

That all happened to start the 2019 New Year, BUT God's timing isn't over and another show I am apart of just released last night on Epix, ' God Father of Harlem'.

I don't have ay speaking roles, but it's my first SAG recurring featured role and I'm EXTREMELY EXCITED!!! I am Giancarlo Esposito's, who plays Adam Clayton Powell, office secretary!!!

YAY! Here are some photos of behind the scenes:

Moral of the story DO'T GIVE UP and KEEP PRESSING!!!

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