• Alisha Poitier

4 year Anniversary

As I celebrate 4 years of moving to NYC, I wanted to share some images throughout my journey. They aren’t in any specific order just a flip through of some major moments in my life, people I’ve met, and places I’ve been to.

The main thing I want to share in posting this anniversary, is to NOT DOUBT the feeling God is or has given you about your purpose. Wether it’s a move, job change, hairstyle, family ANYTHING you have to take the leap of faith and trust Him. If I were to listen to the people closest to me, I wouldn’t be where I am nor happy. I probably would’ve still been successful but ALWAYS wondering “WHAT IF” and that’s a feeling I don’t want to live with. I desire to live my true self throughout this lifetime and I hope you do too! -Enjoy Lee.

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