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Monday Motivation

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The last Monday of the new year WOOOO!!!

The last motivation Monday for the new year, how are you feeling? Are you motivated or do you feel like your new year will be just another year? Well for all those in expectation as TD Jakes wold say “ Get ready, Get Ready, Get ready!!

Every year despite, how the year before turned out, should be entered in with a High expectation. Why? Because things typically don’t happen overnight but more overtime. And what if this year is the year where your cup is overflowing? (Meaning the year that the things you've been working towards and praying for enter into your reality).

That is why you should stay in expectation because you never know what God has up His sleeves and you HAVE TO BE READY!

My third year of pursuit acting has been the highest manifestation, but what if I gave up after a year? What if I thought "well nothing happened last year so I guess noting will happen this year."

Now I was sad at moments but I had and still have the revelation of divine timing and the filling of my cup soooooo I stayed and continued to pursue my dreams.... and guess what , year 3 has been PHENOMENAL !

So all this being said,


because you don’t when the timing will fully manifest itself. Lets prepare ourselves In the last few hours of this 2018year. There will never be a 2018 day, in this lifetime after today 🤯.

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