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Friday Reflections

Today, well this weekend, has DEFINITELY been a time of reflection! 2018 has brought me tears of sadness, tears of joy, Breakthroughs, breakdowns, new opportunities, old flings, new seasons of greatness, reminders of how far I’ve come AND how much farther I have to go and so on!!!

Before each new year you should always take time to reflect on what has worked for you and what hasn’t. As well as, what you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t. I don’t think anyone should sit on the past, but I do believe you can learn from it if you give yourself the time to reflect, receive, than move forward.

When it comes to my spirit: I’ve learned that you cant trust everyone even if their intentions are good, I’ve learned that I need to spend even MORE time with self and spirit the MORE I grow, and I’ve learned that I need to protect my spirit in ALL things!

When it comes to my craft, Acting, I’ve learned the small things that could make the difference in my next job. I’ve also learned that I have A LOT more learning to do *sweaty face*, and that I’m further than when I started, so I truly need to trust God in my process and growth and LET IT BE!

When it comes to growing and living in NYC, SAVE….. but more importantly BUDGET!!!

It’s not that I can’t have fun in New York, or buy nice things, it’s just recognizing the season I’m in and what the income looks like for what I can afford to do.

And overall LIFE: Man oh Man….

I’m truly learning that everyone isn’t for me, but more for what I can do for them.

My point is, take the time to reflect on what 2018 has manifested, learn and heal before setting new goals for a new year!!!

It can take a day, two, ore three and thats okay to help heal your past, learn from it, and move forward in the NEW NEW!!

Let me know how your process goes. What are your 2019 goals?

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