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Happy Valentine's Day

Before time gets too far ahead of me, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, to all the single people, married couples, divorces, new relationships, friendships, and mourners.

Even though there is an entire political side behind Valentine’s day and what it REALLY means, I have come to appreciate Valentine's day as an entirely different kind of day due to my grandmothers passing Feb.14th 2014

Today I honor her life in appreciation to the foundation she passed on to us as it was passed on to her. I could only imagine what it felt like for my mother, aunties, and uncle to experience the death of their mother at 65 years of age, but even as the oldest grandchild the pain when in thoughts of her cut DEEEEEP. My grandmother taught me things from God, the gospel, prayer, the love of coffee, being wise with my words, humility, being a young lady, scratching her back lol, and not to invest my money on things that would last a second/day versus something of value that will last multiple uses.

As my mother would say “I never knew what ‘being poor’ was", my mom always made sure we had EVERYTHING we needed. I only knew that I wasn't "rich" was when I got older and seen the more people had. #BigFacts

So wether you’re single, going through hard times in your current relationship, married, #couplegoals, and/or #Livingyourbestlife, never feel like you’re alone on days where the world has made, bigger than what is really is, because there are things happening or have happened that are worse than being alone when the world seems to be “so put together”.


Why? Because its another day you made it HERE! *Mind blown*

God Bless & Happy Valentine's Day!

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