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What is Life With Lee

Hiiii & welcome to Life With Lee ! Here my goal is to inspire you to pursue your goals in purpose while being a Boss who Budgets!

The Beginning

Moving To New York City as an Actress Lee Poitier Lifestyle
First year in NY vs 6 years !

7 years ago, I decided to uproot everything I knew and embark on a new journey with God, from West Palm Beach Florida to N.Y.C a.k.a The Big Apple. I wasn't sure what the journey would look like, but God gave me vision in regards to the pursuit of my purpose and I knew He wouldn't steer me wrong.

As I started that process, I began to document my journey through instagram to keep my family updated and inspire those who didn't believe in their journey! Encouraging them to know that it is possible to do this for their own lives. And that was how Life With Lee, L.W.L, was born.

The Journey

Okay, so I'm not going to write a detailed breakdown of my 7 year process, we'll save that for a YouTube video, but here are some accomplishments along my journey that has led me to where I am now.

I started as a model, 2 commercials & one N.Y.F.W that lead into Acting, many background roles, 5 featured roles, and 3 lead roles; which lead into producing. Starting out as P.A,

production assistant, for Aol, yes AOL lol. That lead to working for brands, as an ambassador and those two combined blessed me to become an event producer. Once Covid hit in 2020 ALL my work was at a stand still, but God redirected my focus and energy into Digital creating. I knew how to work a camera and produce my own content, but editing and learning about platforms and softwares became my new "challenge". 2020-2021 I did a little bit of Acting for TBS, continued to build my YouTube channel and overall digital presence, and finished 2021 producing a book tour and an Art Basel instillation.

Toward the end of my book tour, end of 2021, I received a call from Amazon to be apart of this new thing called "Amazon Live" and that changed my life for the greater.

Whew, that was a mouth full! But after 6 years in NYC, I was able to bring all of my experience, lessons, and skills to the digital space. A year later of "going digital", I've been blessed to have built my presence on all social media platforms where I bring fun, interactive, affordable, brand awareness of lifestyle and fashion to you!

Now that you that you have my back story, let me share with you the ways in which you can be apart of the Life With Lee experience.

What to expect from L.W.L

  1. Lee Talks - I typically pick a trending topic or something you all suggest for me to share my perspective, encouraging words to motivate and inspire you on your journey.

  2. StyleLife with Lee- This is where I do my Amazon and Pinterest Livestreams to share my affordable fashion and lifestyle finds. You can join me on a weekly basis to hang out, learn about new products, and ask product questions.

  3. Youtube - Here I post Weekly vlogs or event recaps, Product reviews, Lee Talks, and more!

I know there is A Lot to L.W.L, but this is me and I am it! In closing, I hope I can help you in some way, shape, or form in your life. Side-note: I will blog or write, how I speak, so you don't have to grammar police me : ) ! Feel free to connect with me through my website or the social media platform of your choosing and I hope we can build a great relationship in and through time.

Sincerely, Lee... and Welcome <3

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