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  • Lee Poitier

Is Miami Subs still worth the trip in 2023?

If you ever wonder who is keeping Miami Subs... I mean "Miami Grill" alive..

It is I, Alisha Lee Poitier!

Hi I'm Lee, a Travel & Lifestyle Connoisseur, who's currently expanding in real-estate. Here's my take:


I grew eating, what I've called since the age of 12, "Miami Subs". Before Subway, Jersey Mikes, etc Miami Subs was my first love when tasting an Italian BMT. Over time, Publix subs and Subway opened up, which provided various tastes of what I knew an Italian BMT to taste like.

Even though I travel the world, experiencing different cultures and architects, Miami Grill is apart of my culture. Every time I come back home to Riviera Beach, that Neon Pink and Aqua-green sign, always give me those tingly "first sip" feelings.

The Location

This location, is standing strong. It actually looks like they are undergoing construction. Drive through was typical and the sound wasn't muffled. The inside was clean, but not the cleanest, because of the renovations. But the service was great.

The Service

Service was better than expected. I'm used to the agitated worker scurrying me through the drive though. The wait wasn't long and she was patient as I was scanning the menu. TIP: The Italian Sub isn't on the menu, its a "if you know you know" situation and I'm letting you in on the know. All of my questions were answered and the handoff was pleasant and I left with a smile.


Ahh the moment you all have been waiting for lol.

Do not expect picture perfect here, as you are in a drive through ordering a sub... You can ask for things on and off the sub, but I usually eat it as they have orchestrated it to be. (Other places, I build my own).

By looking at the picture below you can see what the sub look like. The fries were hot, crispy, and seasoned as they always are and the sub came out wrapped in perfection .

The Sub:

The Italian sub was a little sloppy and pieced together just how I like it. It wasn't deconstructed, but there was a lot of food where it wouldn't close all the way :). The bread was soft and the food tasted cold and fresh, just what I needed in this Florida heat.

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Final Thoughts:

I didn't even get to mention their wings, but I'm home for the Holidays and will definitely update this review after that. I hope my review gave you the confidence to enjoy an Italian BMT.

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