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Bolay - Palm Beach Gardens

Today I stumbled upon a restaurant called Bolay, recommended by my sister and I think I found a new gem.


The inside was very cute and inviting. The colors were bright and for a 12pm lunch time, it wasn't too crowded. The overall set up is spacious and the flow of their "assembly line" makes it an easy process to order.


The food is extremely fresh, as if they cut the parsley straight from a garden, and the seasonings aren't too intense. I ordered the medium bowl with Lemon and Teriyaki Chicken, Spinach, Broccoli, and Mushrooms. I love a good bowl in general, but often times they can be heavy and not the healthiest options. The sauce was unexpectedly light, which will help if you're eating this for lunch and don't want to get sleepy lol.


The service was impeccably nice and the process of ordering and learning about what they offer was easy. Again it was my first time, so I made sure to ask a lot of questions. The service bar was clean, but the food was low and no-one likes the last bit of anything, so I do wish places kept their pots fresh and refilled.

I highly recommend this place if you're looking to try a new spot or a healthier style restaurant similar to Chiptole.

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