Upcoming Livestreams

Here are my upcoming Amazon livestreams and a link to view past ones on different categories. 


Tuesday 6/21

8 pm est.

New Fashion Finds & Favs, Try-On haul


Wednesday 6/22

9:00 am est.

Shopping Daily Deals! Click the link to shop products before the live. 


Lifestyle With Lee overall livestream feedback. Tell us what you think about it.
How satisfied are you with overall livestreams?How satisfied are you with overall livestreams?
What is your favorite shopping category to watch?
What time frames best work for you?

Thanks for your feedback! It helps us understand how to get better for your shopping experience. Thanks, Lee.


Sunday 6/26

9 pm est

Self-Care Sunday Hangout, Chitchat, & Spiritual affirmations!

Past livestreams

Link HERE.