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Welcome Back

Hey all !!! Welcome back to Life With Lee!

Its been a minute and thanks to everyone for holding it down through my social media outlets, but I wanted to get back to the HUB of it all, my blog site

I've been receiving numerous questions about my lifestyle in terms of my weight-loss, what keeps me motivated, and that's why I started LWL in general. Unfortunately, like most, I struggled with consistency, but after 3 months of consistency with my weight-loss journey I've gained the art and characteristic of CONSISTENCY!! Haha its not an easy one, as life happens and you fall off, but the strength to get back up and do it again is what makes life fun and worth fighting for in EVERY aspect!

Here are what my topic tabs are about:

Lee Talks: My personal viewpoint on specific topics.

Spirituality: Prayer, Meditation, books I'm reading, and how I involve God in my daily life.

Travel diaries: Where I've traveled and where I want to travel.

Health & Wellness: All things Fitness, healthy eating, self-care, and things to try.

Acting & NYC: The process and journey of Acting and living/moving to NYC, plus more!

I'll be starting off by going through my fitness journey, through my fitness tab or click here, and then we'll go from there. I have a new show comping out at the end of September (YAY!!!) that I'll be sharing #BTS photos of and much more! Any questions or topics you want me to dabble in don't hesitate to email me and lets get started in ending our 2019 year strong.

Love you all VERY much for rocking with me and believing in me, we are ONLY getting started.

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