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Viva Mexico

Man oh man, to be able to go on a 2 week vacation is TRULY A BLESSING!

Now that I'm back, living in Chicago and New York, I realize how much important it is to just stop and take a break, even if its a #Staycation.

Over the next couple of days I'll be posting different vlogs for each journey we experienced over the 2 weeks.

Just a glimpse of paradise.

So the first thing you should know about me is that before Mexico, I've only traveled outside the country to Bahamas before Passports were "needed" to travel. I honestly didn't think of getting a passport simple because I was focused on establishing my career, well LIFE.

After a year of settling in New York, it was an invitation to go to Mexico for a concert that I realized I DID NOT HAVE A PASSPORT. A month before the trip I had to do the rushed passport process, which thankfully I received in a week, then 'BOOM' I was ON MY WAY TO MEXICO.

As any first time traveler outside the country, especially after years of not, you're excited yet extremely nervous. You hear all the stories about theft, crooked cops, and more; but on the other side you hear how beautiful it and the people are, and well you're traveling into new territory.

Now the trip I'm going to speaking about over the next couple of days will be from my 2nd year of traveling to Mexico, but I wanted to give you all a quick backstory to my first jitters.

This years trip was PHENOMINALLLL!! Maybe because it was my 2nd year here so I was a bit more comfortable and confident or simply because we started at the concert THEN went to Tulum. Last year we did Tulum then concert which in our minds was kind of backwards.

The first part of out trip we stayed at a resort and the second part of the trip we stayed in a beautiful, eco friendly hut, right on the water.

Talk about relaxation !

I can't compare which part was the best because they were two completely different experiences.

I won't say to many spoilers, but we definitely experienced a lot in Tulum and there is SOOO much to see in Mexico overall.

Sidebar: Not to get too political, but its crazy to see and hear what is going on in our country when this place in the people are extremely sweet. Im from a place where hospitality is natural, but in Mexico its SuperNatural.

Overall, Mexico is a beautiful place to visit. Between the Ruins, the Cenotes, the authentic food, people, and simply the culture you'll be left with an mark of aww. I hope you all enjoy the videos of my adventures in Mexico and if you have any questions about the trip, where to go, etc. don't hesitate to ask.

-Blessings, Lee.

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