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Personal Tulum Vlog

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

My love of Tulum is indescribable. I didn't do a vlog of it last year, but this year I made SURE to capture the amazing calmness, yet adventurous, beauty Tulum holds. Below is the vlog link (click video). Overall, Tulum is a great "getaway". It's peaceful, beautiful, and cool vibes(people). I'll be honest though, the prices are not to far from American prices, due to its popularity, so I wouldn't say its a quick inexpensive trip its an investment. Other parts of Mexico are less expensive so if you want to go for a "cheaper trip" definitely do some digging. Anyway, enjoy the vlog and let me know what you think, Lee.

IG: @alishapoitier

FB: AlishaLeePoitier

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