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How the Healing Trip started

Hey Hey and welcome back to Life With Lee Blogging edition.

Since I've been inactive on my website I decided to use this healing trip to relaunch it with consistent content and what better time than now! Also, I wanted to use it as journal and to share it with you all. If you follow me on my instagram, where you probably seen the link, then you'll get a glimpse of the trip & my thoughts, BUT if you wanted a bit more than a caption and photo or two, HERE WE GO!!

The Healing Trip started with a friend who was going through a tough time, due to the pandemic and other personal things. I mentioned they needed to get out of their current atmosphere from all the build up of stress and anxiety. He mentioned a group of us could do a West coast to MidWest road trip and I thought the idea was great, but we wanted to keep Covid-19 & finances in mind for obvious reasons. So we decided to do some camping, hostiles, and A LOT of things I've NEVER done before. Lol, Yes I was nervous as HECK, but wanted to be the light that I am for my friend as it's tough and difficult times for all of us!

We agreed and I thought well lets make it a healing trip for all of us. A trip to reset, fresh air and thoughts, humility, fresh perspectives, and more. For personal reasons I will not speak on my friends' individual perspectives and thoughts, but I will use these daily blogs to share my healing process throughout this journey because I believe it will bless you as it is blessings us!

Side Note: Some days will be delayed due to no service, so expect a blog post around of the day prior. (I'll post a IG story if something changes).

Here is the link to day 1:

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