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Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall

Good bye Summer and hello Fall!!!

Summer has come to an end and today is the official First day of Autumn!

Born in raised in Florida, West Palm Beach, to be exact, is known as the ‘Sunshine State’. Meaning its Sunny 85% of the time. Florida doesn’t experience full seasons like NYC, my current living place, but it has rainy days, boiling hot days, humidity, perfection, or a combination.

Living in NYC the past four years has allowed me to experience each season for what they were created to be. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I’m excited for my favorite one, Fall, but Summer reminds me of Florida and all the heat it brings.

As you enter in to this new season, its always a good idea to review and reflect on the lessons learned and experiences that Summer brought and taught you, or at least tried to!

Here is what I learned this summer that will help propel me through a successful Fall season.

Summer Lessons a.k.a Summer School:

1.Conquer my fitness regimen:

One of my TOP priorities this summer was to get my fitness under control at every cost. wake up early, go to the gym, go for a walk, surround myself around fitness minded people, EVERYTHING, to conquer my fitness regimen and that is EXACTLY WHAT I DID YAY! Down 25 pounds and now toning! It wasn't easy, but I see the results and all the "fun" I turned down to get my body and health together. Another topic for another blog, but overall it was a SUCCESS and I'm extremely. grateful!

It took planning, dedication, and consistency which leads to my next summer goal.

2. Build Consistency:

OMG!!!! CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY!!! That is a life long journey to create and build, but if you understand how powerful it is you'll work to receive the benefits. Consistency is the key to A LOT of aspects of life. Whether it's spirituality, fitness, a job, a lifestyle, blog, ETC! You've probably have heard the saying "Consistency is Key!" and it is COMPLETELY true! We go through life trying and experiencing new things not holding on to the hope that it will ACTUALLY work! Consistency is the bridge of hope, faith, and vision. So what ever goal, vision, path you're. on Consistency is what will get you there in the long run.

3. Focus:

"Make focus your daily intention, where you're so aware of it, that it becomes your normal."

- Jennifer Welsh

Focus allows you to remove distractions that SEEM to be a focus but really pull you away from a full Focus experience. Simply put Focus allows you to GET -ish DONE!!!

4. Increase Spiritual Awareness:

One of my favorite experiences to encounter through each season.

There is NO limit to spiritual awareness/awakening. Each season I recognize what I've seen and noticed and even though its not perfect each level brings a NEW possible level. God has no limits so depending on how far you're willing to go will determine how far He is willing to show you! Make Spiritual Awareness a focus as it allows you to roam through life "Being WOKE"!

My goals were simple and straight forward. Conquer my fitness regimen, build consistency, focus, and increase of awareness to the next level, and thats EXACTLY what summer brought to me plus more.

I was able to stay focused and enjoy the freedom summer brings with a little bit of traveling as well.

Here is a recap of my #Summer2019.

Thanks for joining me on this #summer2019 and the patience with my blog! I have so much to give, but the time it takes with living in NYC and ALL that I do, it. can be overwhelming. But with consistency and focus it will be done!

Lets TURN UP in Fall as that is one of my FAVORITE SESONS!! Blessings, Lee.

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