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Decemeber Decluttering Process PT. 1

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

As we bring 2018 to an end and prepare for 2019, decluttering is one of the things I'm currently focusing on. This year, as any, has had twist, turns, paychecks, no checks, new clothes, old clothes, you get the point. Throughout the year we build a clutter of things that need to be rid of or reorganized. As an Actress, who currently manages herself, I HAVE TO BE AS ORGANIZED AS POSSIBLE and unfortunately I've missed opportunities due to a lack of order. So I want to spend this post on how I declutter at the end of the year.

This year has been phenomenal and I desire to have a manager, but until then I'm the boss of ME and well my career too lol!

Disclosure: Every 3 months, I "tidy" things up so its not a massive 3 day decluttering at the end of the year!

How I declutter:

1) Take a look around and figure out where you want to start.

Is it papers? Clothes? Beauty supplies? Magazines? Pictures? or Videos?

Once you figure out what will take the longest, start with that!

I usually start with digital content, because I can sit with coffee in the morning!!!

By the end of the year my phone is close to maximum storage and it's time to transfer images and videos to my laptop. Once, I clear all the media up until November, the next phase is ordering the images on my laptop, but I save that for another day because that takes ....


Then I'm ready to get up and move around after being motivated with more storage!

2) Stand up and move.

Now that I have more space on my phone, to fill up later, I tackle the next big area to declutter, material things.

Put on an AMAZING playlist and get some steps in while jamming out to during decluttering process. I'll start in my closet pulling out things I said I'll wear this year, which I never did...smh, and make room for my new #OOTD.

You can pass it down to your family, donate them, sale them, or simply toss them, which I'll only toss if its worn OUT!

3) EAT.

If food gets you as excited as I do, make a light and healthy lunch. Don't go eat pizza midday to slow you down. Make a nice smoothie or salad and keep pressing! Save the carbs for after your long hard day of decluttering. This helps me take a break, see the progress I've made, and refuel for the second half of my decluttering day.

4) Get right back in it.

Normally I'll make a shake and some tea then continue because once I stop I'll probably make an excuse and not finish.

Next thing I focus on are PAPPPERRRSS !!! Papers vary from "scrapbook ideas" that I never used, magazine tare outs that are old and not relevant to my new mentality, and also to work related papers.

This usually takes about an hour to organize, throw out, and rewrite to keep for my 2019 year. It helps prepare for tax season, goal setting, and putting away the papers that I don't need for 2019 until I do.


Beauty products will add up overtime and before you know it, it'll take up HALF of your space, well I live in NY so half of MY space lol.

This is the fun process of decluttering because I get to see how my products have changed, which ones actually worked, and get rid of freebies that I'll probably never use.

By the end of the day I'll use about 10 products and my body is covered in lotions, creams, face moisturizers etc!

These are just a few aspects of my physical decluttering process. Extra quickies are deleting old texts, cleaning out my purse, and donating books! The next blog post will focus on my spiritual decluttering process which is, in my opinion, the most important part to life and what allows me to remain focused on my purpose and keep my spirits high!

I hope this helps you in your December Decluttering process, talk soon, Lee 😘.

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