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Day19: Confidence Day20: Enjoy the process and keep repeating = Prosperity

Day 19: Confidence/Be relentless

Confidence is key!

Being confident in yourself and goals are important to how you handle situations in life. When I don't know something, I try to learn and figure it out so when I walk into the room I have SOME form of knowledge of what is going on. You don't need to know EVERYTHING but enough to hold a conversation. So when you're in the midst of a group and a conversation pops up, your confidence is higher than not knowing anything (but don't be afraid to ask questions either). How you speak, walk, dress, handle situations, all come in to play with achieving your goals and having confidence,

With how society views individuals, there will be moments where you may not feel "worthy" or "up to par" with the next person and that can decrease your self-confidence. You HAVE to get to a place where you know that YOU are enough and hype yourself up for the rest of your life. I know that may sound silly, but it's true. If YOU aren't your biggest fan, then who will be? If you depend on outside love all the time, then you'll always be at the mercy of others.

Day 20: Enjoy the process and keep repeating /Prosperity

After all that being said and done, enjoy the process of healing and prosper!

If you take on life as a journey you'll learn to love every aspect of it. The ups, downs, and side to side, lol! When you look at life as if it owes you something, every time you go through a trial/test you'll allow it to bring you down because you EXPECT life to always give willingly. The truth is life owes you NOTHING, because you have breath and God gave us free will.

Now the reality of that is YOU HAVE CHOICES! You LITERALLY CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! Make more money, live across the world, travel, have kids, etc! The choice is yours! When you DO take the task of LIVING and CREATING your best life, you have to look at it from a perspective of joy. Joy that you are able to live, breathe, and create your lifestyle. Once you are aware of that, you'll prosper in ways of peace, joy, excitement. and finances because you recognize you have the power over YOUrself!

This is the conclusion of my 20 day healing road trip and the process I go through

I hope this has opened your eyes, expanded your knowledge, and that prosperity and healing consumes your reality of life. Until next time, Lee <3!

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