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Day13: Create a plan / Day14 Routine

It's time to make a plan and build your routine.Routines are habits we've built over time and do daily! Some are great for us and some don't lead to a better tomorrow. BUT before you can build better habits that lead to your daily routine, it's smart to create a plan.

Creating a plan:

1) Start with what you want to change.

2) Create the steps you'd take for the change,

3) Make a list of things you'll need (i.e a blender or working space)

4) How long are you going to allow yourself to conquer your plans?

5) What are potential roadblocks?

6) Start the execution.

Building a daily routine:

Once you've made a projected plan, because things can change, it's time to activate your new routine.

I like to start with small steps, waking up 30mins. earlier, switching out white carbs for whole wheat, focusing on projects at set times, etc. When you recognize what's holding you back you can work on changing it little by little. Some people are great at switching it up overnight, but if you're like me small steps make bigger strides! After working on the areas that you struggle with first then you can tackle getting better at the ones that have been working for you! The best feeling is taking the time to better your daily routine, because before you know it, 2 months have passed and its NOW your reality!

If you decide to apply this to your life, let me know how this works out for you... I'm excited to hear the progress and change.


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