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Day 9: 10 Steps on moving forward

YAY! We made it to moving forward into the freedom of allowing ourselves to heal!

Now that we've spoken about Realizing & Reflecting, Prayer & Meditation, Loneliness, and more, we can start the process of moving forward to healing.

Life moves on no matter how YOU feel. Once you swallow that truth pill, you'll begin to handle even the worst situations with that reality. After you self reflect and recognize the areas you are struggling in, with full transparency, you're able to accept that moving forward is your best option. I mean you COULD stay sulking in your failures and loneliness, but I don't want that for you and neither should you!

10 Tips on Moving forward:

1. Recognize that you are hurt and possibly stuck.

2. Write down how you feel NOW.

3. Then write down what would make you feel better.

4. Forgive those who've hurt you and forgive yourself . (You can call, email, text, or simply write it out to them in your journal)

5. Start doing the things that will make YOU happier.

6. Take a moment to breath and smile at where you are, even if it isn't the best place you've been.

7. Love yourself through EACH process.

8. Let go of past hurts to free yourself and move forward without baggage.

9. Create daily goals to build healthy habits for your purpose & vision.

10. Take ONE STEP AT A TIME and allow it to build!

Moving forward is so freeing in letting go of your past and accepting your present, while being hopeful for your future. Until tomorrow. -Blessings Lee

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