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Day 8: Failure, Success & Feeling Overwhelmed


Rejection is not failure. Whether applying for a new job, creating a new project, or for me a casting, just because you didn't get it or it didn't work out doesn't mean you've failed. Simply means it wasn't for you!

Look at yourself from a place of strength and gratitude and not out of a place of weakness and failure.

It can be hard to pull yourself out a dark place mentally when everyone around you is seemingly doing well, but REMEMBER

"Your journey is yours"

Love the cards you have been dealt and learn to play your hand instead of someone else.


Man oh man is this topic such a debate, lol! My friends, I am on this trip with, have more money than I do, but my peace and joy is more than theres. So how do YOU measure success. Of course we all want a balance of all of the above and its attainable, but moments in life that's typically not the case. We push hard for the job, for the "more" and sacrifice our peace, time, and other things that probably brings more joy than the promotion. I usually start with the 3 things bring fulfillment to my life. Then I add 3 more things that will make me happy, but not as much as the top 3.

Feeling Overwhelmed:

Failure, Success, Purpose, and Goals all can lead to feeling of being overwhelmed. What to do? CUT SOME THINGS BACK AND BREATHE! Maybe you are overwhelming yourself with doing to much and not taking time for yourself. Set DAILY goals and time frames for projects, cooking, family, life, social media etc. It helps you mentality to set aside times to work on each are you desire to focus on. By doing everything at once you end up doing halfway or not at all! ITS OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK!

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