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Day 6: Loneliness & Day 7: Feeling Lost

I'm falling back on the days so I'm going to be doing two days in one post to keep me on track!

Day 6: Loneliness

As we continue to go through the process of healing, speaking about loneliness, walking in your purpose, and the moments of being lost are on the top of the list. Simply because they are overlooked conversations that help you find your way in making daily strides.

To some extent we all have moments where we feel alone. No-one is texting or checking up on you, especially during these times, and you feel like you're in a corner by yourself. I KNOW I've felt these moments especially living in NYC by myself. When I am feeling moments of loneliness, I pray and journal. If that doesn't help, I'll reach out to my family and friends with a simple check in. Little do you know, they may be feeling the same way you are and all it takes is a simple text or call to say hi. God is ALWAYS with you, but the human touch and voice are things we crave. Loneliness, as far as relationships, is another topic for another time, but for now I'm simply speaking in the terms of family and friends! The reason I'm currently on this trip is because my friend was feeling really alone and we gathered together to build some in person experiences!

Day 7: Lost & Purpose

We spoke about moments in life where there feels like there is no hope, being lost in such a big world and having no purpose! As the super spiritual friend, is what they call me lol, I had to break down to them those moments are important. It's easy to get caught up in thoughts, feelings, and emotions of "being lost", but feeling lost allows us to STOP & LOOK AT OUR LIVES. Even the people who seem to have it all together, have moments of feeling lost, because that's apart of the journey. When I feel lost I know that it could be God tugging me to look deeper and look at the more of life or it could be Him saying I need to reroute where I'm headed. Either way those moments allow us to simply stop and see where we are, what we are building, and where are we headed!

Purpose is something we all seek to attain, because our lives will have a bigger meaning, to why we live. When searching for your purpose it's important to mediate and look at what you've done in your lifetime thus far. What do you like? What comes naturally? What gives you a fulfillment each day even in tough times? Those are ways to start to align yourself to your higher calling!

Let me know how you all have applied these insights and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out or comment below. Blessings -Lee.

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