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Day 2 & 3: Prayer, Meditation, Journaling

Day 2: Prayer & Meditation

After I've spent time recognizing and reflecting I then go into prayer and meditation.

Prayer and meditation are habits I practice daily to keep my focus on the goals and vision I have for my life. There are moments such as these where I spend more than 30minutes praying to God, then meditating silently to hear His response. It's not that God speaks down in a LOUD STERN VOICE, even though He can, but more so the silent & still voice within all of us that guides us down the right path for our lives. That silent voice is the Holy Spirit!

Because I'm on a trip with friends I don't have my normal space that I would to pray and meditate, so when we would arrive at certain stops and viewing points, I would ask for time alone to simply meditate in the atmosphere that I was in. In moments like these, where I'm not at home, I journal!

Day 3: Journaling

Journaling is a BIG part in my journey, because we were hiking half days and driving others. I would take notes throughout the day then at night journal and recall my thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

Here is an excerpt:

"Today was amazing and it's still unreal that I'm in freaking Utah, I guess we don't know the full plans God has for us, lol! But man what a day. I went hiking for the first time and I was scared as heck from bugs, leeches, and random wild life attacking lol! But I made it back safely and God kept reminding me that everything is okay so enjoy the journey and I did! The views were impeccable and never would I've thought I would be doing something like this in my lifetime, but here I am... God truly is reminding me that there is more to life than I can imagine and He's showing me in real time."

Well the rest gets SUPER personal lol, but that's just a glimpse of an intro to my journaling. After the intro, I start to break down my feelings of what I saw and how it can apply to my life or I'll ask myself is this simply an experience? Your praying, meditating, and journaling and truly specific and unique to you so don't be afraid to express yourself and release thoughts and ideas you might have!

Here is a gallery of more images from Moab:

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