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Day 17: Family & Friends / Support/ Day18: Check your peace / Check your Heart

Day 17:

These may seem like simple things to do, but I know it's an upkeep for me. With 4 other siblings, grandparent, my mother, aunties, and cousins it a lot to stay in the loop of their lives, but when I do it's always a fulfilling call. Connection is a human necessity, some need it more than others, but nevertheless it's something we all crave.

Calling your family and/or friends should be apart of your monthly lifestyle, especially during the healing process. There could be words of wisdom and encouragement on the other side of the conversation you didn't know you needed. You can make list of the people you haven't spoken to in a while up to the most recent calls or you can make the list starting with the ones you miss and will provide verbal support.

My first year in New York I MISSEDDD my family so much. It was probably the hardest first couple of months of my life, because I'd never been so far away from all of my family. Thankfully I got stronger and built a great bond with my cousin, whom I knew but we were "friends" ya know! After the first year of building our relationship, 4 years later he's one of my best friends and confidants that I can call and truly talk to with no filter <3! So give love in the simple form of saying hi!

Day 18 Checking you heart:

What I mean by checking you heart is simply that. Sit still, like meditation, and look within. But not at your mind and thoughts or your body, but your beautiful heart. See how it feels with each breath, recognize how it beats when you think of certain people, things, or circumstances. Does it tighten at the thought of someone? Or does it feel relieved now that you let that person or habit go? We check other parts of ourselves more than our heart, because lets face it, who wants to face themselves on THAT level?

Write down how you feel throughout the checking phase then ask yourself why do I feel this way? What happened that made my heart hard and cold? Or what made my heart warm and filled with love and excitement? Checking your heart helps your process of healing because then you've recognized the "feelings" and can now deal with them and let them go!

I pray this helps your healing process, dont be afraid of the call or how long it'll take. Just be present and let it flow, our family and friends have more to offer than we think.

Blessings - Lee

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