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Day 15: Trust the process /Day 16: Perseverance


What else can I say, lol! When you set your new goals, habits, and routine you MUST believe and keep going. Looking at other people's process and comparing it to yours will only hinder you. Yea you might've worked harder or think you should be there, BUT there is always a reason. It could simply be their timing, there could be something bigger and better for you, or you just weren't the perfect fit. You can't hold on to lost opportinies, but you must continue to believe in yours. Trusting the process can be hard when you feel you've given your all, but whats on the other side of continuous effort? Typically MORE!

So trust your process for what you set out to achieve and WORK AT IT DAILY! Perseverance is a powerful tool as most people stop fighting and that is the moment you were RIGHT near the breakthrough.

All that to say this, KEEP GOING! -Lee

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