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Day 12: Taking your power back / WHY

We are at the point of TAKING YOUR POWER BACK!

Taking your power back starts with your WHY!

To find your why or figure out how'd you get off track? Ask yourself this:

  • WHY did I start my journey toward the path I'm on now?

  • WHY did I make that move?

  • What excites me genuinely at my core?

  • When did I get distracted?

  • When did I get lazy?

  • Why did I stop fighting to be and do more with my life?

When you set out to build, create, and do more with your life, I call that a journey.

The journey usually starts with wanting more. Sometimes you have your why at the beginning and other times you find it along the way. How did you start your journey?

I started with my WHY at the beginning of my journey and the why keeps me going, pushes me to do MORE, and reminds me along the way when I get stuck or lazy.

Taking your power back is remembering your WHY. When you remember the sacrifices you've made and how far you've come, you start to receive this inflow of energy that compels you to get BACK AT IT! After being rejected from jobs I've applied to or failed relationship, it causes me to retreat from fighting the way I started, however going through the healing process puts me BACK into the fight. This healing trip has reminded me of my WHY and has grounded me back to my starting point. Now that you're going through this process with me, I hope it helps your heart and your daily fight to continue to be more (whatever that is to you).

Take daily strides to get your power back. Create better morning habits, healthier food choices, moving your body more, setting goals forward and accomplishing them, reaching out to loved ones, and overall being inspired to DO AND BE MORE!


Don't give up or give in, but continue to fight through the darkness and chaos for the better you that'll effect change in and around you!

Blessing, Lee.

Recap of the day:

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