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Day 10: Letting Go & Day 11: Giving Love

Day 10: Letting Go

As you are in the process of healing and moving forward, letting go is what frees you to move on! As humans we experience a lot from birth to now and some things are worth holding on to and others are meant experience, learn from, and let go. Honestly, letting go should be apart of your daily routine because holding to anything that doesn't serve you anymore only weighs you down. I've spoken to people who struggled with issues, but my thing was THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO, why are you allowing it to affect your CURRENT reality? Their answer was simple, it hurt me! One of the main reasons of holding on to something that negatively impacts us is hurt.

The freedom you feel after letting go is indescribable, but so is holding on to it. You've probably heard the saying, "Let Go & Let God".

Meaning that it happened and if there is nothing you can do about it, release it off your shoulders and allow God to take care of the revenge you probably desire.

"Vengeance is mine" says the Lord.

That's how I deal with circumstances that have hurt me along my journey in life.

I pray, cry, and RELEASE it to God trying to never pick it up and so should you.


Day 11: Giving Love

Once you've been freed from the hurt that held you back, you can now begin the process of loving again. Giving love to new friends, lovers, and opportunities. To me, giving love is like sowing a seed. As you give so do you receive. Some people say it's Karma, but I believe it all is simply manifesting what you desire in life. So do you choose to give off hate and jealousy? OR do you choose to give of love, joy, and peace? I choose daily to shed light and give love, even though it can be too much lol. When it comes to giving love after being hurt or jaded, just take one step at a time and allow it to grow stronger.

I pray you all are freed from past trauma and experience new love and more life!

Blessings -Lee

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