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Day 1: Recognizing & Reflecting

The first step to healing is recognizing that you're hurt. We move so fast never taking a beat to see where we ACTUALLY are and how we feel about it. I'm sure like me, the pandemic has put us all in a PAUSE. Reflecting on where we are in life, what we have, contemplating what's next, and so on!

The road trip is a couple days in, as I wanted to allow myself to be present and not rushed in writing my thoughts to share. As we were driving through the mountains and chatting I couldn't stop thinking about WHERE AM I. Where am I in my personal life, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


My move to NY, 5 years this November, jobs I've worked, friendships I've lost & gained, trips I've taking, investments I've made, time I've wasted, was I happy, was I at peace, was I frustrated, or unstable. All of these thoughts traveled through my mind as we drove to our first stop Moab, Utah. Here's a question that kept penetrating my thoughts: "What do I want out of life". I couldn't stop staring at how beautiful our world is, yet so broken.

"What do I want out of life?"

A question we all have to ask ourselves at pivotal moment in life.

Is it more money, fame, peace, love, a family of our own, success, power, freedom, or spiritual fulfillment. Of course it's a mixture, but there are some that will come before others so what would be your top 3?


Freedom has always been one of my top priorities in life. The freedom to work on some days and rest on others. The freedom to travel as I please even if its simply camping instead of a 5 star resort, which I love. The freedom to say yes to jobs that align with my vision and no to the ones that don't, etc!

Taking this trip was a reminder that I AM free to move as I please, with wisdom, because that's what I love about life. We have the choice and it's ours to make. We work hard for moments to actually enjoy life, so why do we struggle to accept the moments and time to enjoy them?

I did recognize that I take A LOT of things for granted because I'm not "exactly" where I see myself. But going back to the simplistic view of life I recognized that I have more than I did when I started my journey out to New York and it's actually UNREAL lol! My younger self would be so proud of the strides I've made, the people I've met and worked with, and the places I've seen.

So here is to day 1 of the Healing Trip!

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