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5 ways to Rebalance your energy

Here are 5 quick ways to rebalance your energy:


- By being still you get to stop and listen to what your mind, body, and soul are saying. In this generation we are ALWAYS attainable, which allows people to access us 24/7. This can be dangerous when you don't have a routine of rebalancing your energy. You'll wonder why you're so drained and tired all the time. Spend time with your phone off an your spirit connected.

2) Spend Time with yourself

- Do you know who you are? What you like? What you like to do?

We spend more time with people than with ourselves. You might have to plan this, but spend a day or two without your phone and spend time with YOU! If you don't have your own place talk to your roommates or family and let them know you're going to be in your room for X amount of hours to regroup. If you can get a hotel for a day or two that would be better, but do what you can where you can. 

3) Meditate and Pray

- Mediation is the process of silencing your mind and external world to hear what your internal reality is saying. Your spirit and soul speaks, but you have to have a discerning ear to hear. Praying is the process of releasing burdens, worry, stress, and good things. Praying helps let go of heavy weights that you knowingly and unknowingly carry. When you pray and meditate it restores and increases your spirit, which gives you strength to fight another day.

4) Spend time doing things YOU love

- Again, do you know what you love? Examples can include shopping, time with your close family and friends, eating food you can't always have, creating, dancing, a jog, and so much more. This is a unapologetic thing to do because it's what makes YOU happy! We often feel bad about doing what WE genuinely love, but during this time DON'T.

5) Read & Write

- Reading and Writing have two different purposes when it comes to the brain system. Reading stimulates your mind, increases growth, and gives your mind a break from reality. Writing on the other hand, allows you to release feelings and thoughts from your mind. It also allows your fingers to create. Reading is another form of meditation as you are silent and digesting what is being given to you. Writing on the other hand is like praying, you are spending time releasing thought, feelings, and emotions.

I hope this helps in your process of rebalancing your energy. If you have additional ways that you'd like to share email or comment below and I'll be sure to add it on the next part of rebalancing your energy. God Bless, Lee.

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